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UPCOMING OPEN HOUSE!                                                                                                           THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2023 from 7p-9pm                                                                                              Tour our school, meet staff, get information                                                                            All are welcome & encouraged to attend!  

Thank you for your interest in Heritage Academy Christian School.  We believe God is doing a mighty work in our school through our dedicated students, faculty and staff, and families.  From the first day of Preschool to High School Graduation, we work together to guide children by the light of God's Word on paths where they will grow into strong young men and women.  We are honored to partner with you on the journey of your child's education.


Step 1 - Contact Registrar (Michaela) to Schedule Tour & Appointment with                    Administrator (Howard Davis)

Step 2 - Complete Admissions Packet and Remit Enrollment Fees of:

$275 FOR K-4 (Preschool) & K-5 (Kindergarten)

$350 1st - 12th Grade

Step 3 - Acceptance Notification after all required documents are submitted and tour is complete.

School Hours:  Doors open at 7:30am. Bell rings at 7:50am. 

K-4 & K-5 Classes dismiss at 2:10pm. 
Grades 1-12 Classes dismiss at 2:20pm.

Boone County Schools offer bus service to Heritage, but only certain local areas. Please contact Michaela in our School office to get more information. Boone County Bus forms will also be included in your initial enrollment folder.

Adventure Zone, which is located right next door to Heritage Academy, offers an after school program if you need to pick up your student later in the day after school dismisses. Staff ensure students are safely walked next door after school each day. We have students that attend the after-school program there each year!  Adventure Zone offers Monday through Friday afternoon services up until 6pm pickup.  This however applies to ages 6 through 12 only. Contact Heritage school office for further information and details.

Registrar - Michaela Anderson  859-525-0213                                                                                              michaela.anderson@haeagles.org