How can I get more information about Heritage Academy?
We strongly advise prospects to call for a campus tour and pick up our information while on site. If that is not possible to arrange, we also encourage you to navigate our website or follow us on Facebook at Heritage Academy to learn more.

When are applications due to ensure my child has a seat in the classroom?
The priority application deadline is typically by August 1st each year, but we do continue to take applications on a space-available basis. We strongly encourage families to apply, and submit the supporting documents, such as transcripts and references, to the school. We also have students that join us during the midst of the school year, due to a move, or withdrawal from another school.

How do I sign up for an Assessment date?
We will contact our elementary school applicants for an assessment appointment once we have received a completed application. Middle school and High School applicants are not be required to take a test, but will be contacted to schedule an interview once the application is complete.

What is the kindergarten application age?
Heritage Academy follows the Kentucky State Law regarding Kindergarten start age. For each new school year, students must be 5 years by October 1st of the year they wish to enter kindergarten. For students who do not meet the age requirement, we do offer a K-4 program which is for children 5 and under. Please contact the admissions department for more information.

How many students attend Heritage Academy?
We range anywhere between 150-200 each year.  This number of students allows us to offer a wide array of programs as we have available and opportunities for your student, while maintaining a close community with small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios.

I'd love to have my child attend your school, but can't pick up after school due to my work schedule.

Do you offer any after school programs?

Boone County do offer bus service to Heritage, but only in limited Florence, Ky areas. Sign up forms are in the Heritage office or will also be included in your initial enrollment folder.

Adventure Zone, which is located right next door to Heritage Academy, offers an after school program if you need to pick up your student later in the day.  Staff ensure students are safely walked next door after our school is over for the day.  We have students that attend the after-school program there each year!  Adventure Zone offers Monday through Friday afternoon services up until 6pm pickup.  This however applies to ages 6 through 12 only. 

Call Heritage office for further information. 859-525-0213